How to Manage Your Fury Friends

How to Manage Your Fury Friends

Pets are more than those three letters; they`re another living person, a furry buddy, and they are undeniably a part of the family, but unlike the other members of your family, they have very particular requirements that must be met for them to be happy and healthy. Keeping your pet healthy and happy frequently results in a longer lifespan and considerably improved behavior.

Here are 6 Tips to Help Owners Keep Their Pet Happy and Healthy

Routine Care

Routine care is one of the most critical things pet parents can do for their pet, especially since they are unable to communicate directly with their owners when they have biological needs. It is vital to be intuitive and caring humans that the pets deserve. By feeding them appropriate food, allowing them to exercise, arranging regular vet visits, offering adequate grooming, and providing important health supplements.

Give them Toys

There are several toys on the market now that can keep your pet occupied, healthy, and happy. Make sure to provide them with stimulating toys to keep them occupied. Toys not only delight pets, but they may also be a good source of entertainment for you. When purchasing toys for your pet, ensure that they are the appropriate size and are not hazardous to your pet.


Grooming is sometimes overlooked, but it may benefit your pet`s health and happiness. This includes trimming your pet`s claws, brushing them twice a week, and giving them regular baths to eliminate dead skin and hair that stops them from adequately regulating their body temperature. Grooming is also an excellent method to monitor changes in your pet`s fur or skin, such as dandruff, bald patches, or dry skin. It`s also an excellent chance to look for any lumps or bumps that may be concerning. Consult with a veterinarian to choose the best grooming regimen for the specific pet.


A strong bond with your pet is beneficial to both of you. Cuddles, petting, belly rubs, and even brushing his coat are all excellent ways to show them how much you care. This strengthens your emotional bond with your pet and encourages them to interact well with other beings.


As part of the early care procedures for your pets, socialization is essential. This should begin early to prepare them for socialization and prevent separation anxiety when you travel and must leave them at boarding.

Encourage the following activities to help your pet become more familiar with their surroundings:

  • Interaction with your family
  • Interaction with other people, particularly kids
  • Exposure to other animals
  • Exposure to new places, the veterinarian`s office, your vehicle.
  • Getting your pet used to be touched and handled

Mental stimulation 

If you don`t have anything to do, sitting around indoors all day might be mind-numbingly dull. Regular mental stimulation can help pets avoid boredom and develop negative habits and behaviors such as scratching and chewing. Make time for fun every day, and teach them some tricks. It might be helpful to offer your pet a decent Chewy treat to keep him engaged throughout conference calls, homeschooling sessions, or simply periods when you need to rest.

If they have a habit of scarfing down their treats, Kongs and other durable toys can be frozen with peanut butter to provide a longer-lasting diversion.

On days when you can`t get your four-legged family member outside, prevent cabin fever by making enjoyable activities that will mentally stimulate these adorable creatures, such as:

  • Food puzzles – Instead of a flat food dish, use a food puzzle to make your pet work for their supper. Alternatively, put their kibble in a muffin pan and place a tennis ball in each hole, so they have to search around the balls to reach their meal. This will not only stimulate your pet`s brain but will also keep them from wolfing down its meal.
  • Hide and seek – Tell your dog to stay while you can hide someplace in the house. Call them and watch how long it takes them to locate you. Encourage their engagement by praising and rewarding them with a treat.

Diet and Safety

Eating a safe, nutritionally balanced, and healthy diet is one of the most critical components in keeping yourselves and your pets active and happy. Whether you feed them commercially manufactured pet food, live critters, fresh vegetables, or homemade food and treats, make sure their diet is appropriate to their size, weight, and breed. And rich in the vitamins and minerals they require to grow, avoiding skin diseases, behavioral challenges, obesity, and other more significant health issues. There are various ways to keep your pet safe, including collars with ID tags microchips, making sure your home is clear of risks, and keeping harmful toxins out of reach.

With the other tips listed above, you`ll be able to keep your furry buddy happy, healthy, and with you. A pet is deserving of all the love and attention that is showered upon them. If you`re seeking methods to improve their lifestyle or hoping to add a new addition to the family, Chewy offers everything you need to make these furry friends happy.


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