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The Joy Of Owning A Pet

Pet ownership can be an adventure, whether you have a dog, cat, bird, or anything in between.

Your pet can also keep you company during the stress or isolation of the coronavirus pandemic, which may explain the recent increase in pet adoption and foster.

While most people who adopt an animal believe they are improving its life, pets have just as much of a positive impact on their owners` lives. If you`re still debating whether or not to get a pet, here are some compelling reasons why you should get one.

Stress Reliever

A pet may help you cope with the stress of the pandemic. your pet time can increase levels of oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone." This is what gives you a sense of closeness and increased bonding with your pet. It can also improve your general mood.

Conversation Starter

Your pet could be the ideal conversation starter at your next Zoom meeting.

However, having a pet may help you make more friends once social distancing guidelines are lifted.

Dogs are naturally curious about their surroundings, including other dogs and humans, and they can act as a catalyst for social interactions. Strangers may approach you if you own a dog and inquire about it.

However, other pets, such as cats, can help you expand your social circle. In a study conducted in Australia and the United States, pet owners significantly get to know people in their neighborhood.

Find Love

Pets can help you increase your chances of finding love. According to a Purina survey, 54 percent of pet owners said their pets assisted them in starting a conversation with someone they were interested in. Almost two-thirds of people said they would date someone who had a pet, and one-third would like someone who has pictures of their pet in their online dating profile.

Happier Relationships

Couples with a pet together have lower blood pressure and are happier on average than their peers, according to research cited by Psychology Today. They also spend more time together than non-pet-owning couples.

Be a Better Person

According to a BarkBox study, having a dog can make you a better person (or at least make you believe you are). The study found that 93 percent of pet owners stated that their pet had made them a better person, such as being noticeably more patient or affectionate.

Help At Work

Showing off your pet can make those work-from-home video meetings more enjoyable not only for you, but also for your coworkers.

A 2012 study at a North Carolina manufacturing company discovered that employees who brought their dogs to work reported being happier with low-stress levels and had a higher opinion of their boss.

Less Anxiety

Pets can provide you with comfort and relief. According to a 2003 study, petting an animal after a stressful situation reduces anxiety. "The anxiety-reducing effect applied to people with varying attitudes toward animals and was not limited to animal lovers," according to the study.

Feel Secure

Large dog breeds, such as German shepherds and Rottweilers, serve as excellent deterrents to outside threats, allowing their owners to feel more secure. Rottweilers have grown in popularity in recent years due to "their loyalty, confidence, and protective instincts.

While pets may occasionally disturb their sleep, some owners enjoy the comfort of curling up with their pet nearby. They can make you feel secure you fall asleep.

Improved Physical Fitness

Known as the "Lassie effect," taking your dog for a walk improves your physical fitness and increases the likelihood that you will get your daily exercise.

Plays With You

Almost every dog owner remembers how fun it is to play fetch with their dog on a hot summer day. You can teach them to say hi, rollover, and bark on command, but dogs aren`t the only animals that can learn new skills. Cats can also be taught to sit and high five when given the order.

Birds are social creatures who enjoy playing games and performing tricks. However, parrots and other birds can learn and mimic human speech, unlike other animals. They also have life spans comparable to humans, with some parrots living to be over 100 years old, implying that you`ll have a friend for life.

Make Your Child Learn Easily

According to Blue Cross, having a pet can boost a child`s confidence and empathy levels at a young age. Pets are natural listeners, so your child may feel more at ease practicing their reading skills in front of a pet than in front of another person.

Make Your Child Responsible

According to a national survey conducted by the American Pet Product Association, 58 percent of pet owners believe their pets teach their children responsibility. A child can help feed, walk, and bathe a family pet early.

People are inspired by their pets in a variety of ways. Oliver Reed, an English actor, read his script while his cat, Felix, sat nearby. Albert Einstein would often watch his cat, Tiger, move around while working on his theories. Florence Nightingale was inspired to become a nurse by an injured dog.



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