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Review Lepu Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer BC 600

In the dynamic realm of healthcare diagnostics, Lepu Medical stands as a pioneer, offering a range of cutting edge medical devices designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Among its impressive lineup, the Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer BC 600 takes center stage, promising a revolutionary experience in biochemistry testing. With its automatic and integrated design, advanced features, and a comprehensive selection of chemistry diagnostic reagents, the BC 600 exemplifies its commitment to setting a new standard in biochemistry laboratories. This detailed review will focus on unraveling the intricacies of the BC 600, shedding light on its features, specifications, and the concrete advantages it brings to the forefront of diagnostic technology.


Unveiling the Lepu Biochemistry Analyzer BC 600


Technological Precision for Unmatched Accuracy


Lepu takes pride in presenting the BC 600, an epitome of cutting edge technology designed for automatic and integrated biochemistry testing. The machine`s flat image field grating type optical splitting system, encompassing 12 wavelengths ranging from 340nm to 800nm, ensures unparalleled precision. This advanced optical configuration guarantees accuracy and reliability in diagnostic outcomes, setting a new benchmark for critical applications.


Quality Assurance Through Calibration and Monitoring


The BC 600 places a premium on quality control, calibration, and real time monitoring. Incorporating robust quality control measures ensures the accuracy and reliability of each test result, instilling confidence in healthcare professionals. Real time monitoring adds an extra layer of assurance, enabling swift and informed decision making crucial in time sensitive situations.


Automated Cleaning for Unblemished Results


To safeguard the integrity of test results, the BC 600 integrates automated cleaning mechanisms. This feature is pivotal in preventing pollution that could compromise the precision of subsequent tests. The machine`s integrated liquid level detection and probe contribute to pollution prevention during sample injection, highlighting Lepu`s commitment to maintaining a pristine testing environment.


Human Centric Design and Comprehensive Traceability


The Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer BC 600 transcends mere technical proficiency; it offers a humanised interface for users. The system`s intuitive design ensures easy navigation, making it accessible to various healthcare professionals. Optimised traceability ensures that every step of the testing process is meticulously recorded, facilitating a comprehensive review of diagnostic procedures.


Device Specifications 



  • Wavelength Range: Flat image field grating type optical splitting system, 12 wavelengths (340nm   800nm)
  • Temperature System: Constant temperature water circulation, ensuring uniform and stable temperature
  • Dimensions (WxDxH mm): 1088 x 798.5 x 1225
  • Weight: A sturdy yet manageable 300 kg


Sample Assembly 

  • Sample Types: Versatile compatibility with serum, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.
  • Throughput: An impressive capacity of 600 tests per hour
  • Sample Positions: 115 sample positions were intelligently distributed for efficiency (50 conventional samples, 34 calibration products, 20 emergency treatment samples, eight quality control products, and three cleaning fluids).


Reagent Assembly

  • Reagent Positions: Featuring double reagent compartments (45*2=90) with refrigeration functionality
  • Reagent Storage Temperature: Maintained at a temperature between 4 12°C
  • Reagent Volume: Flexible capacity, accommodating volumes ranging from 20 µl to 350 µl
  • Reagent Level Sensor: Seamlessly integrated with the sample needle, ensuring accuracy in reagent management


Power Information 

  • System Interface: Facilitates connectivity with the Laboratory Information System (LIS) via CAN card USB cable
  • Software Compatibility: Allows for seamless integration with the LIS/system
  • Computer and Printer: Optional, offering flexibility in the user`s choice of peripherals


Key Advantages

  1. Space Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness: The BC 600 boasts technological prowess and stands out for its space saving design, making it an ideal solution for laboratories with limited space. The cost effective design ensures that healthcare facilities can invest in cutting edge technology without compromising financial constraints.
  2. Real time Emergency Sample Processing: The BC 600 introduces a game changing feature – the ability to insert emergency samples in real time. This innovation allows for seamless integration of emergency samples without disrupting the ongoing testing process, a crucial advantage in time sensitive scenarios.
  3. Precision in Sample Mixing: The BC 600 ensures precision in sample mixing with separate stirring mechanisms. This meticulous approach contributes significantly to the accuracy of the final results, a critical aspect of biochemistry diagnostics.
  4. Versatility in Sample Types: With compatibility for various sample types, including serum, plasma, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid, the BC 600 is a versatile solution catering to diverse diagnostic needs.


Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance 

  1. Fully Automated Operation

The Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer BC 600 excels in its fully automated operation, minimizing the need for manual intervention. This enhances efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

  1. Emergency Sample Insertion in Real Time

In critical healthcare scenarios, time is of the essence. The BC 600 allows for the real time insertion of emergency samples, enabling healthcare professionals to prioritise urgent cases without disrupting the testing workflow.

  1. Separate Stirring for Thorough Mixing

Ensuring uniformity in sample mixing is crucial for accurate results. The BC 600`s separate stirring mechanism guarantees thorough mixing, eliminating the possibility of uneven sample distribution and enhancing result precision.

  1. Comprehensive Sample Positions

The BC 600`s sample assembly is strategically designed to accommodate various sample types and positions. With dedicated slots for conventional samples, calibration products, emergency treatment samples, quality control products, and cleaning fluids, the analyser ensures optimal utilisation of its testing capacity.

  1. Double Reagent Compartments with Refrigeration

Reagent stability is paramount for reliable testing. The BC 600 addresses this by incorporating double reagent compartments, each with refrigeration functionality. This not only expands the storage capacity but also ensures the longevity and efficacy of the reagents.

In conclusion, the Biochemistry Analyzer is a formidable force in biochemistry diagnostics. Its fusion of advanced technology, user friendly design, and an exhaustive range of features makes it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals seeking efficiency and accuracy in their diagnostic processes. Its impact goes beyond mere efficiency; it signifies a transformative diagnostics era where precision meets convenience. Lepu Medical has successfully crafted a product that meets the demands of modern healthcare and propels the industry forward into an era of heightened diagnostic capabilities. The BC 600 is more than an analyser; for laboratories and healthcare facilities aiming to elevate their biochemistry diagnostics, the BC 600 stands as a definitive choice, embodying the future of accurate and efficient diagnostic technology.


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