Product Review Gweike Cloud Pro II

Product Review Gweike Cloud Pro II

The Gweike Cloud Pro II Laser Cutter & Engraver is a versatile and feature rich machine catering to professionals and hobbyists. Its advanced capabilities  including a built in water chiller  air exhaust fan  and air compressor  promise a seamless user experience. In this comprehensive review  we will explore this laser cutters various features  advantages  and potential drawbacks.


Overview Of Features


  1. Built in Water Chiller  Air Exhaust Fan  and Air Compressor Including these components ensures optimal performance with minimal noise levels. The integrated systems maintain a stable working environment for precision cutting and engraving.
  2. 5MP Camera for Design Preview  The 5MP camera provides a live design preview  enabling precise positioning. This feature enhances the user experience by allowing real time machine performance monitoring.
  3. Honeycomb Panel and Material Package  The honeycomb panel and the included material package (Basswood  Acrylic  Cardboard) offer a versatile range of materials for your projects  making it convenient for users to get started right away.
  4. Gweike Cloud Web Software  The machine comes with Gweike Cloud Web Software  providing access to a free online design library and facilitating control motherboard upgrades. The online design library is valuable for users without professional design experience.
  5. Venting System and Noise canceling  The improved venting system effectively removes smoke and exhaust fumes  while the noise canceling feature reduces the machine noise level during operation. This allows users to focus on their work without disturbances.
  6. Auto alarm and Safety Features  The machine has an auto alarm system that prompts users in case of operational issues. The fully enclosed structural design and certifications such as CE  FCC  and FDA ensure user safety.
  7. 3D Engraving and Bottom Feeding Design  The ability to engrave on various surfaces  including spheres  tilt planes  curved surfaces  and objects of different heights  adds a creative dimension to your projects. The bottom feeding design enhances user convenience.
  8. Compatibility and Connectivity  The Gweike Cloud Pro II is compatible with three control software options  Gweike Cloud online  Gweike Cloud offline  and Lightburn. Multiple connection options  including WIFI network  cable  and USB  provide flexibility in usage.
  9. Gweike Cloud Web APP  The Cloud Web APP offers a free online design library  making it convenient for users who may not have the time or experience to create their designs. The cloud based control software ensures constant upgrades with new features.


Comparison with Pro Machines  The Pro II comes in two variants (50W and 55W) with significant differences in laser tube power  focusing methods  warranty duration  and maximum cutting thickness. The 55W model  with autofocus and a 2 year warranty  offers enhanced capabilities compared to the 50W model.


Tech Specs and Additional Information  The comprehensive technical specifications outline the machine capabilities  including laser power  work area  materials processing  rotary device specifications  AI camera information  software requirements  and environmental considerations.



Advanced Capabilities And Creative Freedom


With its advanced capabilities  the Cloud Pro II goes beyond standard laser cutters. The 3D engraving feature stands out  allowing users to engrave on spheres  tilt planes  curved surfaces  and objects of varying heights. This opens up a world of creative possibilities  enabling the creation of intricate designs on diverse materials such as diamonds  wood  and acrylics. The machines bottom feeding design adds versatility  making material handling more convenient and efficient.

Including the AI Visual AF/Material Recognition AF Material Set up AF focus modes demonstrates a commitment to user friendly operation. The high resolution ultra wide camera with 5MP and a visible area of 19.29 x 11.42 ensures precise positioning and accurate engraving. The AI Visual Positioning Error range of ≤2mm further enhances the machine precision  making it suitable for intricate and detailed projects.


Comprehensive Material Processing


The Gweike Cloud Pro II accommodates many materials  including glass  coating metal  plywood  food  rubber  acrylic  paper  leather  and even rocks. Its ability to cut through materials like MDF with power  speed  and load adjustments makes it a versatile tool for various applications. The included power  speed  and load settings for exemplify the machine has adaptability to different materials.

The live camera preview feature facilitates intelligent pattern extraction from the surface of any object  streamlining the design process. Users can monitor the machine working condition in real time  ensuring accurate and precise execution of their designs. Integrating three control software options and multiple connection methods (network  cable  and USB) enhances the machines usability and compatibility with various workflows.


User Friendly Gweike Cloud Web App


Their Web APP is a standout feature  offering a free online design library for users who may lack professional drawing design experience or time to create their designs. This resource  coupled with the option to purchase additional materials online  caters to a broad spectrum of users  from beginners to seasoned professionals. The cloud based nature of the control software ensures that users benefit from continuous upgrades and new features without additional costs.


Reliability And Safety


Its industrial frame design underscores the machines reliability  ensuring stability and durability. The auto alarm system  which alerts users to any issues during operation  adds an extra layer of safety and convenience. The fully enclosed structural design contributes to user safety and helps maintain a controlled working environment by containing smoke and exhaust fumes.


Comparison With Competitors


In comparing the Cloud Pro II with competitors like Glowforge  the Pro II stands out regarding material cuts and engraving capabilities. The delivery time  laser system specifications  and supported accessories contribute to its superiority. The Pro IIs CO Glass Laser Tube boasts a longer lifespan of 10 000 hours  and its safety guard is certified as Class I ensuring a secure working environment for users.


The Laser Pro II is a robust  feature rich machine that caters to many users. Its advanced capabilities  user friendly features  and comprehensive material compatibility make it an attractive option for professionals and hobbyists. While the initial investment may be higher than some alternatives  the Pro II capabilities  safety features  and versatility make it a reliable and efficient tool for those seeking precision and creative freedom in their laser cutting and engraving projects.


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