Map Out Your Future Destinations With Hema Maps

Map Out Your Future Destinations With Hema Maps

Getting around can be difficult when there is little internet service available. The answer is to either put those paper maps back in storage or download an offline map to your head unit and mobile device, such as the Hema Maps app. Personally, people choose the digital alternative. You no longer have to have an online connection, too, constantly. However, having that map on your phone, which you can then put on your head unit display, will be convenient.

Do you merely enjoy traveling the less-traveled path? Hema Maps will take care of you! With their maps, booklets, guides, and digital products like apps and GPS navigation devices, the Hema team is setting the standard for navigation in Australia. Hema is perfect for all off-road expeditions, scoping out campsites, and taking notes along the route. She will get you from point A to point B and everywhere. They have transformed the craft of creating 4WD maps into something valuable and user-friendly that provides you with all the information you need to reach where you`re going. Hema can help you plan your next vacation and enjoy traveling to even the most distant parts of Australia.

Hema Maps

Established in 1983, Hema Maps is an Australian mapping and publishing enterprise. The business has intentionally grown to the point where it now offers complete map coverage of Australia and other countries in various formats, including folded maps, atlases, guides, and digital products like apps and specialized GPS navigation systems.

Hema Maps has steadily established itself as a master map creator in the four-wheel driving and outdoor adventure industries, with a particular concentration on off-road travel. Due to the company`s unwavering pursuit of accurate cartographic detail pertinent to outdoor explorers and its unrivaled update procedure, this reputation has emerged. Hema Maps apps.

Field teams called the Map Patrol are tasked with exploring and mapping Australia`s wide variety of off-road sites to maintain the accuracy and timeliness of Hema Maps` data. They are responsible for collecting and updating this data. Hema Maps has GPS-mapped more than 690,000 km of tracks and 545,000 km of unpaved roads across Australia since 1996, and it will continue to strive for the highest levels of quality and accuracy in all of its products for the foreseeable future.

Currently, three Hema Maps mobile apps may be downloaded, which are as follows:

4WD Maps

Get offline access to all of Hema Maps` topographic and touring maps. You may now travel to any outdoor site in Australia, plan and create 4WD itineraries, set waypoints, and keep track of your path. And none of you need a connection to the internet to complete this! Just make sure the GPS on your device is activated.

Hema Maps` current product lineup goes beyond the standard paper maps, atlases, and guides to include their GPS navigation system. Additionally, you can get their smartphone navigation apps. Users can access what the business claims to be `Australia`s best multiscale topographic mapping and regional road network` through any of these, both online and offline.

If you`re prepared to advance your 4WD adventures, this software is for you.


You intend to travel mainly on roads throughout Australia. After then, you can choose this app.

You still have access to Hema Maps offline functionality, along with a large selection of Australian outdoor attractions (such as campgrounds, parks, rest areas, etc.), together with their related guides and geographic information. Hema Maps also continuously updates and verifies the data on these POIs so you can have the best possible trip itinerary.

4X4 Explorer

With the help of this Hema Maps software, 4X4 Explorer Off-roading is now simpler. The company`s latest generation Explorer series of tools employs Vector maps rather than Raster maps since they require less storage space, are more scalable, and are generally more appropriate for digital platforms.

An improvement over the previous Explorer app, it offers Hema Maps` renowned offline map functionality, which makes a variety of 4WD/off-road tracks and in-depth places of interest available throughout Australia (including campsites, parks, rest stops, etc.). Additionally, the app allows you to plot, record, and share your trip.

The Touring Map, Hybrid Map, Satellite Map, and Explorer Maps are all free. You`ll receive more maps and thorough information when you upgrade to the Pro version.

App Compatibility With Hema Maps

Hema Maps are available for both iOS and Android users to download. Unfortunately, neither Apple CarPlay nor Android Auto is compatible with the apps.

You`d better have an Android head unit like those from Vhedia if you still want to utilize and view these apps on the head unit in your car. The platform used by these head units is open-source. For a more convenient navigating experience, you may download any app from the Google Play store (including those from Hema Maps) and project it on your dashboard.

As avid outdoor enthusiasts, people heartily endorse the Hema Maps apps for any adventurer out there, whether a novice off-roader, a casual traveler, or an experienced 4WD driver. To learn more about how people feel about Hema Maps, check out their article and video feature on the app. Try out one of the apps for your upcoming Australian road trip to learn more about why it`s great. 


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