How to stay in shape after shredding all those pounds?

How to stay in shape after shredding all those pounds?

People often spend months and even years to lose weight and end up gaining it all back in a few days. What they are not aware of is that maintaining weight is much harder than losing it.

Studies show that out of all the people who follow diets and shredding programs, only 20% succeed in maintaining their new weight.

To make this job easier and stay out of the on and off hassle of weight loss programs, here are a few easy tips and tricks to stay in shape:

1. Exercise Daily

The first mistake that people make after their weight loss journey is that they resume their sedentary lifestyle and habits which lead them to gain back most of the weight.

Working out is one of the keys to getting and staying in better shape. It aids to fasten the metabolism and burn calories as well as helps you to stay energized.

Apart from burning calories, exercising regularly has other health benefits. Therefore health care practitioners recommend working out for at least 30-45 minutes a day.

2. Eat on time

Taking meals at a regular time interval is very important to maintain weight.

A regular time interval between breakfast, lunch, and dinner help the body to digest the food easily and also regulates the body cycle.

Researches show that people who have variable eating habit tend to gain back their weight much faster than people who take their meals with proper timing. This is because people who eat irregularly either binge eat or starve themselves which results in poor digesting ability and at times gastrointestinal as well as eating disorders.

3. Portion Control

Eating small portions of food is essential to maintaining weight as it controls the calories that a person intakes and also fastens the digestion process. Portion control also plays a role in mindful eating because people tend to focus more on what they are consuming rather than eating absent-mindedly.

It also results in many health benefits which include controlled blood sugar levels and a healthy mindset.

4. Maintain a balanced Diet

A balanced diet is as important as portion control and eating on time for individuals who aim to maintain their weight.

As different people have different body types, it is recommended to consult a nutritionist to know the proper amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that one should intake to maintain their weight. Generally, nutritionists and dietitians recommend increasing fiber and protein intake and reducing carbohydrates to stay healthy.

Apart from controlling your weight, a balanced diet also plays a vital role to keep hormones in balance, preventing diseases, and improving the skin and hair.

5. Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water is mandatory to keep your body happy and healthy.

Water and fluids not only result in better digestion and absorption of food but also helps to boost the metabolism, excrete toxins and waste products from the body more efficiently, and make the skin much better. Therefore experts suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.

6. Stay On Track

Consistency is a necessity to keep the weight off.

There are times when you want to eat junk food or something different, however, letting yourself lose on food might make you gain all the pounds back therefore it is suggested to have a cheat day to reward yourself and then get back on track.

7. Get Enough Sleep

Even though this may sound a bit odd, sleep plays a vital role in losing and maintaining weight.

Sleep influences metabolic activity, blood glucose level, and hormonal secretion.

A person who sleeps for less than 5 hours is likely to suffer from eating disorders because little sleep triggers hormonal imbalance. The hormonal imbalance leads to untimely hunger and digestion problems which can reduce insulin production resulting in diabetes type 2.

Therefore, studies suggest at least 8 hours of sleep to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

8. Weigh Yourself Often

Keeping a record of your weight can be helpful in weight maintenance.

The numbers on the weighing scale will help you stay focused on your aim and encourage you to keep going. It will also make you aware of your progress and motivate you to intake fewer calories to stay in shape.

Studies also show that people who weigh themselves regularly are much more likely to lose weight faster as compared to those who don`t.  

The tips given above are recommended by professionals to maintain weight.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a bit difficult, however the small changes that one makes result in progress. The key to passing any milestone is to stay consistent and that is the same with weight maintenance. Therefore, it is suggested to adopt a better lifestyle than following unhealthy habits and going on and off diets.


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