Earn while having a work life balance with 1840 & Company

Earn While Having A Work And Life Balance

Joining a website marketplace is necessary if you`re seeking a freelance job (or as many relevant ones as possible). Marketplaces are a fantastic resource for freelancers to find new clients and promote their skills. No matter what kind of work you do, there are a lot of markets out there that you may use.


Why are markets so well-liked? First of all, freelancing skill is in high demand. Since some websites, like Fiverr, permit entry-level freelancers to apply for projects without any prior expertise, marketplaces also make it simpler for freelancers to develop careers. On the other hand, elite and seasoned freelancers can earn over six figures a year using platforms like Toptal. Depending on your demands, freelancers can find full- or part-time work on various marketplaces.


Some freelancers will prefer one marketplace over another because each one operates differently. It depends on your needs, level of expertise, and chosen working style. For example, a new international marketplace called 1840 & Company assists qualified freelancers in locating remote employment in almost every field where such work is possible.


1840 And Co.


A trustworthy new marketplace with a rigorous vetting procedure for freelancers is 1840 & Company. You can discover decent jobs if you have promising talents and expertise because the platform collaborates with several national and international firms. Due to its worldwide nature, freelancing offers a vast range of diverse jobs in almost every field of remote work and language.


The portal also employs a novel pricing strategy and seeks to match you with jobs that pay the rate you prefer. You won`t need to spend much time looking for work because the marketplace uses a selected, managed model that will connect you with the right employers. Because it is new, there is less competition than in more established, more established marketplaces.


What Services Does 1840 & Company Provide?


Bryan DiGiorgio established the international marketplace 1840 & Company to assist fast-growing businesses in scaling up by utilizing independent contractors.

Despite being young, the marketplace is controlled by an investment firm that has been in business since 2014. The marketplace was developed to bridge the gap between sector-specific markets and serve as a one-stop shop for companies looking to establish an entirely remote workforce.


They`ve concentrated on being a scalable extension of a company`s HR department, enabling businesses to swiftly construct remote teams for unfilled positions they need to fill instead of focusing on traditional "gig" employment like many other markets. This means freelancers will need to find more ongoing work instead of one-time projects. The platform includes a few gigs, but its primary goal is to match freelancers with reliable, long-term jobs that allow flexible work hours. For instance, you can work a full-time job at 40 hours per week or just a few hours a week to supplement your income.


What Kinds Of Tasks Are Available On The Platform?


Any job that may be done remotely is available on the market as a wide variety of freelance work. This is broken down into five central departments by 1840 & Company:


Back-office activities


Data entry, virtual assistant, translation, transcription, content moderation, data enrichment, online research, and data cleaning are just a few of the jobs that fall under the category of back-office operations.




Accounting, Controller, CPA, CFO, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Tax Preparer, Financial Planning, Financial Analysis, Business Analysis, Financial Forecasting, Financial Modeling, Budgeting, Financial Expert, Quickbook Expert, Xero Expert, Freshbooks Expert, and NetSuite Expert are just a few of the positions included in the category of finance operations.


Operations related to marketing


Such as marketing for growth, PPC, paid social media, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, brand marketing, fractional CMO, and HubSpot expertise.


Technology Operations


The term "technology operations" refers to a group of jobs that includes developers for JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Webflow, PHP, WordPress, HTML5, Lynix, and Python.


Customer Operations


Product experience, digital experience, customer assistance, technical support, inside sales, and appointment setting are all included in the category of customer operations.


How Much Money Could You Make Working From Home In 1840?


Any freelancer should carefully consider this before signing up with a marketplace (although, unfortunately, this is also a difficult question to answer). Usually, your ability to earn money is mainly determined by you, the type of work you do, and your level of expertise. For instance, a seasoned Python developer would make $100 per hour, whereas a virtual assistant with little expertise might make $15. The market uses a worldwide pricing model, meaning freelancers will also be paid at a rate based on where they are physically located. The client is the final element to take into account. The client must have a reasonable budget for recruiting independent contractors. Thankfully, 1840 does an excellent job screening its clients and makes a concerted effort to get freelancers paid at fair rates and in line with industry standards.


How To Sign Up For 1840 As A Freelancer?


You must first apply for your freelancer account with 1840 & Company before you can begin. Then, fill out the application form on the registration page for 1840 & Company. Please spend some time filling it out, and make sure you introduce yourself compellingly. Why would you be a good fit for their platform? Remember that markets frequently receive hundreds of spams (or poorly written) applications daily, so be careful to submit a solid application to stand out.


After receiving your application, the 1840 team will analyze it and, if they like what they see, get in touch with you for an interview. You shouldn`t anticipate gaining immediate access to the platform because the marketplace extensively screens its freelancers using video interviews, behavioral testing, and particular ability exams. Once accepted, though, you should start receiving suitable job offers quite fast.





● The 1840 marketplace has an exclusive network of thoroughly screened customers.

● Hiring is simple since freelancers have a personal account manager who matches them with the best positions.

● Flexibility: You can choose between part-time and full-time work to suit your needs as they change over time.

● You can begin seeking employment and being employed as soon as you`re approved.

● The international market is looking for independent contractors fluent in many other languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and others.

● Since fewer freelancers compete for work on the site than elsewhere, there is less rivalry.




● The platform is fresh and has not been around as long compared to many others.

● You must utilize your email because there isn`t a platform or dashboard for direct communication with your freelancer or customer.

● Not the best for locating quick, one-time jobs.



A robust marketplace for identifying and hiring qualified personnel is 1840 & Company. You`ll be able to assemble remote teams at reasonable costs by utilizing both onshore and offshore freelancers. Additionally, their employment process is easy and hassle-free. Overall, the platform is a desirable choice for hiring independent contractors.


The 1840 & Company marketplace is an established new venue where freelancers can locate reputable clients. The platform has some notable customers, including Groupon, Isango, Instacart, Homelight, and LearnZillion. However, the platform is fresh compared to many others and has been around for a while. Have you had experience with this market? If not, kindly sign up so you may share your experience with them.


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